Sync your Computer’s Time

If you have your computer’s time not synchronized it will give you lads of bizarre kind of trouble.

The best solutions to this is Network time protocol’s (NTP). Your PC requires the name of one or more time servers to synch its time. To determine the current configuration of the PC, use the following command from a command prompt:

Hit windows button , in the search box or or run put “cmd “, this will open a command prompt for you.

C:\>net time /querysntp

To configure the client to use the time server, use the following command:

C:\>net time /

Restarting the w32time service may be necessary. To do this from the command line, use the following two commands:

net stop w32time net start w32time

These settings will persist after the system reboots.


Search Engine Optimization : A / B Test or Multivariate

A / B or Multivariate:

In Search Engine Optimization where results do really count and just getting the traffic only is not enough we practice effective A / B or Multivariate Testing.  Before you place your order it is your right that we tell you what is A / B Testing & Multivariate Testing.

ABTestingWith5Visitor- Version B Site -Web Optimizer

AB Testing With 5 Visitor - Version B Site -Web Optimizer

A / B Testing: By name as it appears version A of your Site and another version B of your site. We put randomly both of these two sites in front of visitor and measure the conversion rate.

ABTestingWith5Visitor-Web Optimizer

ABTestingWith5Visitor-Web Optimizer

Multivariate Testing: This testing alike A/ B Testing is almost same. Rather is methodology is implemented in broader perspective and in early days of your SEO Campaign. Rather than abridgment of conversion and acceptance by your visitor with only two site. Multivariate divide traffic in three different distinct design , navigation , content , images and videos. This testing is more important before A / B Testing.

Traffic To Conversition - AB Testing - SEO - WebOptizer

Traffic To Conversition - AB Testing - SEO - Web Optizer

Which one is most appropriate A / B Test or Multivariate test?

Well the purpose is different and the results obtained from the test are also different. Obviously and from our experience we have seen that our client asks us for just A / B Testing.

Is it just only because A/ B is cheaper?

No we do not charge more for your multivariate test. We dub it just being lazy.

Multivariate, what it reveals what works!

Apart from just testing multiple version of the same, Multivariate test the color scheme, imagery, presentation, Taxonomy etc.

What if visitor goes for the inferior one?

Yes possible. From our experience we have seen the best design and best quality site fails to do conversion, why? Simple the answer is people doesn’t like “too good to be true”.  Smoother user experience improves the path to actionable clicks, it is better to chose sometime the vogue stuffs rather than the best.

With our multivariate testing, proven combinations of elements can be built on for best success.

Beware of Malware

What is malware:

A piece of software ( Add on , search bar, smiley, free games)  that performs something else without your consent

Where it comes from:

  •  Good site just compromised by a mal

    Malware Beware


  •  Bad sites who intentionally creates malware for people.
  •  Downloads: Although we know that there is no free lunch still we download free stuffs and the “EMBEDED” gift is Malware.

So how do they affect us?

  • Deletes your data.
  • Steels your card numbers even if you didn’t wrote it anywhere in your computer.
  • Gets your passwords to emails or even your banks.
  • Sends spam using your email.
  • Attack other network or computers.

How do you protect yourself?

  • Upgrade your OS and software ALWAYS. Turn on Automatic Updates.
  • BE careful with links and files.
  • Don’t click  or open Email links or images from someone you don’t know
  • Keep Antivirus installed and updated, even if a open source one.
  • Detect and remove any free installation promising you free things.

When do you know you are infected?

  • Stay away from; any links that lets you to somewhere than you wish for
  • Site that prompts you install tab and allow pop-ups whom you don’t know or TRUST.

These very simple and easy steps can keep you safe. Keep your computer healthy don’t believe in freebies. There is no such things called Free Lunch, Nothing is free!

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design: The buzz word in web design alike AJAX. Something that really existed long ago and does really a everyday things since long for a web designer but was not that popular. Responsive grid works with the fluid of content. The Idea is very simple with gird system things are now more aimed at 3.4 inch handheld system rather that 15.4 inch desktops. A Sample code gives you the look very easy :

                <a href="...">
                <a href="...">
                <a href="...">
                <a href="...">
        <p class="">
            <img src="..." alt="..." width="100%" />

On the image you could really stare at the effectiveness of this simplycity and how it really now works.

Ethan’s rule of thumbs for responsive web design:

  1. Flexible grid
  2. Flexible images
  3. Css needs to be fluid.
  4. Flexible content.

We would be publishing more on this . Please follow us here or in fb or tweetter.

HTML5 or Flash

Steve Jobs  publication regarding Adobe Flash titled “Thoughts on Flash” has renounced

“Flash is no longer necessary to watch video or consume any kind of web content”

and that

“new open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win”.

After that the whole developer community started digging in whether HTML5 has really made Adobe Flash absolute. A fiery debate in web development community advised HTML5 did really gives you the functionality. But HTML5 tells that developers realize the trendy support of more widely varied browsers. Although there is some real differences in HTML5 and Flash and Flash provides some unique functianlities, still the visual impact the question of ‘the work done’ is somewhat similar.

However Adobe Inc has pronounced that the mobile version of flash will be discontinued.  Adobe now will reorient development tools utilizing HTML5.

2011 to 2012

The most common vibe on web design trends on 2011 were more of SEO freindly sites and web application rather than visual delight. because we have seen :

!!Less use of Flash or Action Script and javascript!!

Although flash is a great tool of developer for more than few years, there is a notion that it has been in some cases over used. It has become evident that not because of the look and feel. Nowdays websites trends to be clean and have uncluttered design. The main preferences is given to fast loading, which gives you the ultimate higher rank in search engine.

!! Make simpler and cleaner design !!

Simpler and cleaner design reflects original goals of the site. Unnecessary uses of heavy images are avoided as well as various psd’s and .flv.

!! Use mobile ready design !!

All major businesses and online giants are moving towards mobile compatible design. Its more about giving your visitor an APPS like experience rather then big corporate junks. Most template and themes are now mobile ready. It is reported that iPad, Tabs, and various handheld’s gives more than two third of the traffic to consumer sites.

!! Use large photographic backgrounds !!

Its a vague manner now , more like 70’s bigger sized sun glasses. Most of the web brings you a giant banner image which tells you almost the whole story. Designer has come with innovative ideas such they are telling thosands words with a single image.

5. Use thumbnail design for your website